It looks like this.

That is, it looks like this when the complete set of hardware for the office, including cables, PCs, telephone handsets, and mouses (or is it mice?), is first delivered to the Firstline offices in Oxford.

The Firstline engineers then get to work installing software and setting up the system before putting every item back in its box, ready to be driven to the client’s premises.

Meanwhile, IT site-support engineer Richard will have been to the premises to check that the cables are all functioning and that there are enough plug sockets in the places where they are going to be useful. Come installation day it’s then all hands on deck to put the hardware in place, connect it up, and make sure it works.

‘More and more of our clients seem to be asking us to install complete offices, which is a good idea as it minimises the chances or faults or security glitches caused by out-of-date equipment or software,’ said Richard. ‘We’re doing so many of them that we have the complete process down to a fine art.’