At Firstline IT we are pleased to support Pegasus, East Oxford’s theatre and arts-education centre.

Why do we support Pegasus?

As a local company, we’re all about community and building relationships with our neighbours. Pegasus is simply a fantastic theatre that engages with and inspires young people in and around Oxford.

It brings together people from different generations and different backgrounds, and through theatre and dance performances, workshops, and other collaborative ventures, unites them in creativity and enjoyment.

How do we support Pegasus?

We’re very practical people – you have to be when you’re providing IT advice and support. So we decided that we wanted to support Pegasus in a suitably practical way. Having found out from them what they needed most was help in increasing their revenues through ticket sales and donations, we introduced them to our own marketing partner, Zanzi Digital.

We are sponsoring Zanzi to work with Pegasus to find and use new ways of connecting with and involving greater numbers of people and organisations with the theatre, through social media, SEO, and other digital techniques.