It’s amazing how many businesses rely on their IT infrastructure but have no backup or disaster recovery strategy in place.

Consider for a moment what happened in December 2005 right here on the Maylands Industrial Estate in Hemel Hempstead. The Buncefield Oil Storage Depot was rocked by a series of massive explosions. Nearby buildings were demolished or made totally unusable and 30 more required major reparations before they could be reoccupied. Several more businesses could not gain access to buildings, even though they were largely unaffected by damage.

That’s an extreme example – but fire, flood, subsidence or some type of disaster strikes businesses somewhere every week.

A coherent strategy needs to be in place to ensure you can pick up the threads of your business and carry on as soon as possible. In an IT context this means that your critical data is regularly backed up and stored off-site in a separate, safe location. This can include e-mails, documents, databases and web content and can run into terabytes – more than can be stored on the average memory stick or external hard drive!

Eurotech has cost-efficient Back-up solutions which store a company’s critical files in a specially designed, safe location in the UK. Files are encrypted to clearing bank strength but designed to be restored quickly, so the business can be back up and running the same day. We consult with our clients along every step of the way to provide the optimum solution for their needs.

We all hope that disaster never strikes. The smart solution is to expect the unexpected and put into place a business recovery strategy. In short: be prepared.