Successful companies don’t stand still: they grow, diversify, move location, take advantage of new technologies, and experiment with different ways of working.

In order to do this, though, they need support services that can keep up with them – and that includes IT. If you’re not an IT specialist, making sure your IT is a help rather than a hindrance can seem a little daunting – but, luckily, it’s just what IT support companies do best.

We’ve updated our website with some short case studies of three of our clients who are all going places fast – but in completely different fields and with completely different IT needs. Read on to see if you identify with their challenges.

College of International Education, Oxford

The 40-year-old college runs all of its admin, marketing, and teaching systems online, meaning that they need flexible network support to cope with fluctuating student numbers. Firstlinealso works closely with them to support them in temporary teaching accommodation during the peak summer months.

Space Pod

This interior design and build company has to keep tabs on up to 100 staff and contractors at multiple locations, working to a variety of critical deadlines. Firstlinegives them all-round IT support, including constant Helpdesk and Business Continuity services, and IT consultancy for specific projects such as office moves.

Purple Consulting

This bookkeeper and business adviser started out working from home. As the business has expanded, taking on new staff and moving to new premises, Firstlinehas worked with them every step of the way.We help with their hardware choices and purchasing, as well as their daily back-up. We also provide them with help desk support to give them extra security if anything goes wrong.