IT support is simply the help and assistance a specialist company gives to businesses or individuals to help them with their information technology. IT support ranges from day-to-day helpdesk support to the full setup, installation and configuration of an entire IT infrastructure, and everything in between.

So what are the benefits of outsourcing IT support and how do you know if your organisation should consider it?

What Does IT Support Do?

IT support encompasses a whole range of services that help businesses get the most out of their IT.

Helpdesk support

An IT support company will usually be available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm to answer your calls relating to IT problems. They will be able to respond quickly, allocate the job to the right technician, and provide you with a swift and efficient resolution.

Disaster recovery

No business is immune to threats to their systems, whether that’s network downtime or security breaches. An IT support company will work with you to mitigate these issues and ensure that, should the worst happen, your business is up and running as soon as possible.

Asset management

Keeping abreast of your software and hardware assets can be a time-consuming task, but an IT support company can take care of this for you. From auditing your inventory, keeping your equipment in good health, to safely disposing of obsolete items, you can leave this chore to the experts.

IT relocation

If you decide to more offices, an IT support company will help move your IT infrastructure over to the new location. They will scope out the new building to assess any challenges that might arise and will make sure all the transport, setup and installation of your hardware is carried out with limited downtime to your business.

Business WiFi

An IT support company will set you up with a fast, reliable and secure Cloud-based business WiFi solution. They’ll install, configure, monitor and maintain your WiFi and set you up with guest access for visitors to your office.

Cybersecurity management, detection and response

Nearly 40% of small businesses experience cyber attacks each year according to the Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2021. And because they’re least able to absorb the shock of an attack, the consequences can be catastrophic.

An IT support company will audit your cybersecurity and install Endpoint Detection and Response tools to monitor and mitigate security breaches as they arise, reducing the chance of disastrous impact on your business.


What are the benefits of IT support for your business?

Peace of mind

Out of the 38% of businesses experiencing cyber attacks each year, around 27% of those are attacked at least once a week. To compound this, the average cost of a security breach reaches £8,170, which can be a massive blow to a growing business.

When you work with an IT support company they will take charge of your cybersecurity. Starting with an audit of your existing cybersecurity techniques and tools, they will install the right tools to secure your systems.

From there, they will be able to monitor your systems and detect and respond to threats when they arise. They will also be able to provide training to your teams to ensure they’re following best practices to reduce the chance of a security breach.

Cost savings

Many small and growing business owners will initially take care of their own IT issues themselves. However, as the business expands, this task becomes a time-consuming task, which might trigger them to look towards either hiring or outsourcing IT support for their business.

The dilemma of hiring an internal IT director and/or team, versus outsourcing to an IT support company will usually come down to cost-effectiveness.

The truth is, the cost of recruiting an internal IT resource is huge, from the recruitment costs, the salary, ongoing training, bonuses and expenses.

On the flip side, when you outsource your IT, not only do you benefit from a whole team’s pool of expertise, but you only pay for the support you receive. A good support company will tailor a package to suit both your needs and your budget to make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment. Not only this, but as your company develops, you can tweak your contract with your IT company to suit your changing needs.

Reduced downtime

Downtime can be seriously catastrophic for businesses. In fact, according to recent research, in just one year, UK businesses experience a total loss of 143 million hours of downtime, costing the UK economy an annual total of £12.3 billion.

IT support companies will install the right network and security solutions to ensure your IT infrastructure is up and running for the maximum time possible, reducing the chances of costly downtime.

How to find out if your business needs IT support?

To work out whether you need to outsource your IT, there are a few factors to consider.

Firstly, look at your business goals and match up your current IT systems to see if they will support them. If your team is growing, you may be about to face a big onboarding of new equipment, or perhaps you’re suddenly aware of cybersecurity issues and want to make sure your business is kept safe.

Secondly, look at what IT skills you currently have in your team. Are your internal skills enough to keep your IT in check, or are you lacking in certain areas of knowledge or expertise? Knowing your existing time and personnel resources will help you identify the gaps.

Thirdly, take a look at your budget and work out whether it’s cheaper to outsource or to recruit a permanent IT resource. We would guarantee it’s cheaper to outsource your IT, but until you’ve run the numbers you won’t know for yourself!

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