IT support covers a range of services that help you and your staff deal with day-to-day technical problems and keep your IT systems working.

Typical IT support services include:

Help desk services

If something goes wrong with a computer, you can put a call (or an email) through to the Help Desk and they will sort you out. These days, most problems can be fixed by an engineer logging on remotely and ‘taking over’ your computer; if something’s physically broken or you can’t access the Internet, only then will a site visit be necessary.

Management of back-ups

The daily back-up is a routine but important task. It is also surprisingly complex, so it’s good to have an expert on the case to make sure that things run smoothly every day and that you can restore from the back-up should the need arise.


It is becoming less and less cost-effective to repair almost anything these days, especially in IT. But some things, such as replacing a hard drive or putting a new screen on a laptop are worth doing – and your IT support company can do it for you.

Upgrades and maintenance

Network maintenance is all about keeping the installed operating software systems working correctly. Updates need to be installed and security patches applied.

24/7 monitoring

By continuously monitoring your systems, IT support engineers can check that your network is fully functional and head off most potential problems before they become full-blown disasters.


You can pick the IT support services from Firstline IT that best suit your business, and pay for them through one of two cost-effective and flexible service contracts.