Effective business communications are perhaps now more relevant than they ever have been. As more people work remotely or on the go, and with the game changing PSTN switch off around the corner, there’s never been a more crucial time to ensure that you have the latest, most effective communications infrastructure. That’s where things like VoIP and the cloud come into play, however many businesses are unaware of how these modern technologies can truly transform their entire operation.



Nothing To Be Scared Of


It’s easy when you hear the term “the cloud”, to think of a complicated system that’s confusing, expensive, and insecure for your data. But, when set up effectively, many of these issues aren’t there and instead become the benefits of what cloud infrastructure can provide: affordability, improved security and so on.


In fact, VoIP and cloud systems are extremely easy to grasp once you know what they are. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is simply a technology that allows you to make and receive voice and video calls via an internet connection. The cloud simply refers to software and services that run entirely over the internet, rather than locally from your computer.



The Keys To Unlocking Business Growth


Utilising a VoIP system holds the tools you need to help your business succeed and grow, with many benefits that are realised by businesses who make the switch. Let’s take a look at what those are.


Fit For The Modern Business


In 2022, many people within your organisation are likely to require a modern solution to communicating with one another. Staff may be working remotely, whilst others could be frequently on the move. An integrated VoIP communications system can link everyone together and help your staff to work more effectively from wherever they might be with the ability to make and receive calls securely on any device that they need.


More Collaboration


Regardless of the size of your organisation, people will need to work together. Collaborating becomes easier than ever with a cloud-based VoIP system as staff can easily communicate from a range of devices and applications, share information with other departments, and pick up projects where someone else left off without waiting.




Contrary to some people’s initial beliefs, VoIP systems are incredibly secure and will help to protect your all-important business data. With demand for personally identifiable information at an all-time high, many businesses are vulnerable to fraudulent phone calls. VoIP can minimise this risk through modern IP technology, identity management, and encryption. Avoiding data leaks and loss will save your business both time and money in the long run.


Scaling With Your Business


Traditional phone lines can be a lot of hassle to make changes to, requiring you to add additional lines and hardware each time you want to upgrade. A VoIP system on the other hand has the flexibility to change as and when you need it to. Opening a new branch? Closing a branch? Hiring more staff? Got extra demand during a busy period? VoIP lets you adapt to meet any of these needs without having to purchase additional lines or add expensive hardware.


Costs and Maintenance


When it comes to growing the business, keeping control of costs is an essential in maintaining profitability. VoIP helps you do exactly that by lowering your overall communications costs. Not only are VoIP plans cheaper than landline plans, but you won’t require expensive hardware installations whenever you need to add lines or move locations. Thanks to this lack of hardware, you’ll also save on maintenance costs.




There’s nothing more annoying than a call that continuously breaks up or cuts out entirely. It wastes time and can lead to severe miscommunications between staff and departments. Thanks to the modern innovations of VoIP, such as audio compression and noise cancelling, audio quality is incredibly crisp and clear, and as long as you have a stable internet connection, it won’t cut out or lag at any point, helping you to work more effectively and efficiently.


Big Business Features Without The Big Business Price Tag


VoIP’s technology is constantly going through changes, bringing about regular innovative upgrades to users at little to no extra cost. By upgrading to the latest VoIP systems, you’ll benefit from features that years ago, would only make sense for large global businesses, but will now help you to expand affordably and present to customers more professionally. Features like multi-party conferencing, quick and affordable global communication, call transferring, and auto attendants are all regularly available as standard with VoIP systems.


Now that you’ve properly considered the benefits of a VoIP system, it’s time to establish how you can effectively implement it for your business. Remember that by 2025, you will have to have moved away from any landline or “copper cable” communications, so your plan should factor this deadline in.


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