In this Talking Point we’re going to try and navigate through the fog and confusion of “The Cloud”

The first problem is that if you asked 10 different IT professionals what “The Cloud” is, you’d get 11 different answers. There are some really boring corporate videos online, there are also some mildly funny ones too.

For us, the Cloud is an extension of your office, using other people’s equipment and only paying for what you need. The big players (Microsoft, Amazon etc) have huge machines that are faster, more powerful and more secure than most companies could ever afford – this means that SMBs are able to leverage the latest technologies at a fraction of the investment.

So why would you move to the Cloud?

  • It can enhance your Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Options
  • It can give you more flexibility on your security processes
  • It is an ever-green environment – meaning you don’t have to pay to refresh hardware
  • It offers you more capabilities as and when you need them
  • It could save you money

With all of this in mind, why isn’t everyone using The Cloud already? Mostly because people don’t like to change, but there are a number of pitfalls need to be considered when moving to The Cloud;

  • Over-complicating the process
    • The Cloud has thousands of different features and functions – it is easy to get lost and confused
  • Security and Access challenges
    • This could be “too secure” (impractical to work effectively) or “not secure enough” (being non-GDPR compliant)
  • Boiling the Ocean
    • Trying to do much at once, rather than making a smooth and managed migration to the new solution.

We have recently worked with a number of customers to review their current legacy equipment and developed a clear road-map to help determine if The Cloud is right for them, how to get there and what benefit it’ll provide their organisation. If you would like our Team to build a plan for your business, please fill out the contact form below.