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Business WiFi

Reliable cloud-controlled Business WiFi solutions

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What is included with Business WiFi?

We provide managed cloud-control WiFi solutions which are completely secure, configured, monitored and maintained by us, so you have reliability and scalability, should you need it.

  • Premises assessment for best placement
  • Controlled network to protect against security threats
  • Help with security policies to maintain secure network
  • Monitoring to ensure limited downtime

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High performance guaranteed

Flexible configurations

We’ll assess your premises to devise the best placement and range for your Wifi access points to ensure you have uninterrupted service. (provided you have enterprise quality broadband)

Secure and robust

Our secure cloud-controlled WiFi systems mean that we can keep your network safe. We can advise on security best practice and help you with any policies you may need to help staff follow security protocols and procedures.

Fully managed and monitored by us

We’ll take on the responsibility of keeping your WiFi up and running. We’ll manage your access points remotely via our cloud control system and ensure you stay connected.

Quality broadband

Business WiFi is extremely useful and can offer greater flexibility than a wired-only system. However, steps must be taken to ensure that the security of the wireless network is not compromised or unauthorised people could gain access to your private business network.

Our commercial WiFi solutions are coupled with quality broadband can help your teams work more effectively throughout your offices. We’ll provide, install, configure, monitor and maintain your business WiFi solution, and we can provide guest access configuration so visitors to your office can enjoy secure connectivity.

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