As an experienced IT and Managed Services provider, our goal is to continue supporting your business for the future. The business tech landscape is one that evolves constantly and we’re here to help you stay at the forefront.

At Equity, we will support you with all of your existing services as well as providing additional services, including cloud-first strategies, custom application and software management, and comprehensive Unified Communications systems.

All That’s Changing Is The Name!

As Firstline IT rebrands to become Equity, there’s not a lot that will change for you! Whilst the name of your current provider will be changing, your services and points of contact will all be the same.

In order to get in touch with your team at Firstline IT, please use the following contact details in future! 

These will help you to access the same customer service as you always have, with the same great team.

Contact Details

Phone: 0330 3331 888

Email: firstlineit@equitynetworks.co.uk

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