Microsoft Teams Voice is the ultimate communications tool for modern businesses looking to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and service. With a number of clever features, it can also integrate with the rest of your Microsoft System to enabled clearer unified communications both internally and externally.

In this guide, we will show you what it can provide for your business in detail, along with how you can integrate it with your existing systems to create a more streamlined approach to your communications.


Microsoft Teams Voice – Key Features


Enabling voice with Microsoft Teams gives your business access to a number of new features that will help to optimise your communications across teams and with your customers.


Multi-Device Support


In today’s world, collaboration also means being able to work with remote workers and team members who might be working on-the-go.

Microsoft Teams Voice allows users to make and receive calls on any device, wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection! It also provides users with the ability to transfer calls between these devices seamlessly, so in case they need to leave their desk but would like to continue the call, it is easy to transfer from their desktop or desk phone to their mobile device.


Comprehensive Call Controls


When establishing an effective telephone system, it is important that you have access to features that make operating it a breeze. Microsoft Teams Voice supports a broad range of call controls that allow users to communicate without any problems.

Some of the basic controls that it provides include:

  • Group or one-on-one call making and answering from anywhere in teams, from chats, the dial pad, or the search bar
  • Call merging that allows users to easily add additional people to the call at any time
  • Call transferring, allowing users to transfer easily to other staff members and ring back in case there is no answer
  • Call and voicemail transcription that gives you notes no matter where you are, so that users do not have to worry about missing something or forgetting to write important information down
  • Apple CarPlay support so that users can join calls and meetings whilst on the go using their vehicle’s safe built-in and hands-free controls with Siri


Integration With Chat & Video


Part of streamlining your organisation and your communications means integrating voice with other tools. One of the best things about Teams Voice is its integration with the rest of your communications, giving users the ability to collaborate more effectively than ever before. More collaboration means less wasted time and increased output!

With communications all in one application, staff can seamlessly switch from chat to voice call, and from voice to video call. Users also have a centralised place for communications information, with files, conversations, chat history, call history, and call transcripts all available within one single app.


Advanced Call Management


In addition to the comprehensive basic call control features that it offers, users also get access to a number of advanced call management options. These tools provide superior communications management and enable your business to improve both internal and external communications!

  • Auto Attendant allows your customers to call and navigate a simple menu system that ensures they speak to the right department or person without the need for you to manually redirect them
  • Screen pop is an automatic browser pop up that gives your team all customer information that they need, right in front of them when somebody calls. CRM data, case data, and other customer information is displayed to give call operators a crystal clear image of the customer’s status and requirements
  • Voice-enabled call queues and channels allow your organisation to route callers to relevant people and relevant teams of people who can then share information and collaborate seamlessly within the given channel


Contact Management, Personalisation, And Protection Integration


Thanks to its ability to integrate easily throughout your organisation, Teams voice can be synchronised with powerful contact management solutions. The Gamma Cloud Contact Centre Platform is the ultimate customer service solution that can be used with your Teams phone system to bring you even more features that enhance customer engagement and customer service efficiency.

From personalising your customer interactions thanks to contact data and customer analytics, to improving staff productivity with a number of assistive routing and agent resourcing tools, to keeping your communications secure with rigorous security and compliance built-in – Cloud Contact Centre is packed full of innovative features that make your customer service a breeze.


How Can It Integrate With Your Business?


Microsoft Teams Voice is designed to take advantage of Microsoft cloud infrastructure. In order to best utilise it and all of the powerful features that it can offer, it is recommended that your business is on the Microsoft 365 Business Premium package that will give you access to many of the tools and features discussed in this article.

Once your organisation is operating with a Microsoft system, Teams Voice can simply be added to your Teams application, giving you access to its features. From there, an expert can help you to set it up and integrate it properly with the rest of your applications!




If you would like to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams by giving it the power of voice, we can help you to install and setup so that it is ready to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your network.

Proper integration requires a number of complicated parts, that once complete, will transform how your business communicates for the better. Speak to an expert for free today to learn more about Teams with Voice, how it could support your specific business, and what you might need to do before you can begin taking advantage of it!


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