What Is an IT Support Company?

IT support companies — also known as IT managed service providers (MSPs) —  are businesses that offer advice and support to help your business with your Information Technology — your computers, mobile phones, telecommunications, servers, software, Cloud computing and cyber security.

An IT support company will be made up of a range of IT experts who have their own specialities, from help desk support to Cloud management, hardware repairs, VoIP, cyber security, among many others. With their individual expertise pooled, they will offer a wide-ranging selection of support services, whilst also offering you higher level, strategic advice on your IT infrastructure.

Outsourced IT support is a good option for small to growing businesses that are looking to expand their IT infrastructure without the costs involved in hiring an internal IT Director or IT department. Most IT support companies will offer a package of support that’s tailored to meet the needs of your company at a price-point to match.

What doest IT support company do?

Helpdesk support

IT support companies will run a “service desk” or a “help desk” which will exist to answer your day-to-day IT issues. These could range from “level 1” simple issues such as user error, or system interruptions, all the way through to data breaches or network outages. Whatever the issue, they will field it to the right engineer so that it’d be dealt with appropriately.

Helpdesk support isn’t always 24/7; however, most IT support companies will offer 9-5 Monday to Friday support, which is sufficient for most businesses.

IT Disaster Recovery

In the instance of an IT disaster – a cyber attack or damage to hardware or other systems, for instance – your IT support company will help your business recover quickly from the fallout. But more than this, an IT support company will already have planned mitigation strategies for these kinds of disasters so that recovery is swifter than ever.

If left to your own devices without the help of an IT support company, it may take you time to identify the disaster, diagnose the issue, and fix the problem. By the time your business is up and running, this may be a matter of days or even weeks, losing your business valuable time and money.

IT Asset Management

When you’re running a business, it can be a time-consuming chore to keep tabs on everyone’s software and IT equipment. Even tasks as simple as making sure licences are renewed or safely removing obsolete hardware will all take up time and resources that could be better used elsewhere.

That said, it’s an important job. Older systems can slow down productivity, which will have an impact on your business performance.

When you outsource to an IT support company, they will have the expertise and supplier relationships to ensure that your hardware and software is kept in good condition at a good price. They will keep on top of your IT inventory, replace equipment by tapping into their relationships with major IT suppliers, and ensure your kit is installed and configured promptly. This will both free up time to focus on your business, whilst simultaneously ensuring a more efficient working environment.

Managed Hosting

Most businesses rely on having a steady network so that they can operate as normal. However, when network disruptions happen, it can often take time and resources to identify the issue, find a solution and get it fixed. And no business needs reminding of the cost of extended downtime.

An IT support company will support you with your network, whether you’re starting from scratch or migrating from another hosting solution. They will take care of the initial installation and configuration as well as the ongoing round-the-clock monitoring and management of your network to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

IT Relocation

When you embark on an office move, there are a million and one stresses to consider. One of which might be the relocation of your IT and telecoms.

An IT support company will take care of the entire process for you, from drawing up a detailed plan of the move; scoping out the new premises for possible hurdles or opportunities; auditing your IT systems; providing expert advice on your location, connectivity, cabling and power requirements; and ensuring you’re up-and-running in your new location as quickly as possible.

Business WiFi

When you’re running a business, you need to rely on high-quality WiFi to enable you to work efficiently in an online world. Business WiFi can offer greater flexibility than wired-only systems. That said, special steps need to be taken to ensure the network is kept secure and isn’t left open to unauthorised people.

An IT support company will manage Cloud-control WiFi solutions that they will keep secure, configured and monitored. They will assess your premises before advising on the best WiFi/broadband solution, implement the desired WiFi solution, keep the network secure from cyber threats, and monitor your network to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

Strategic planning

At a premium level cost, most IT support companies will offer you higher-level strategic advice and planning.

If you’re a growing business with a need for the input of an IT director but without the costs involved, an IT company will work in partnership with you to take responsibility for your entire IT systems, and will be able to advise you on developing the right IT solutions to support your business growth.

Cyber security Management, Detection and Response

According to the Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2021, 38% of micro and small businesses identified breaches or attacks from 2021-2022 with around 27% of which being attacked at least weekly.

That said, most businesses lack the time, resources and expertise to be able to keep abreast of tools and techniques needed to prevent, detect and respond to threats.

An IT support company will manage this process for you. They will monitor your network, carry out regular checks, and will identify and respond to threats promptly, keeping any damage to your business to an absolute minimum.

Why Hiring an IT Support Company is a Good Idea

Hiring an in-house IT director or small IT team is an expensive investment and one which may be right for your business, especially if your team is already well-versed in IT.

That said, for most companies, outsourcing IT support makes the most financial sense.

Not only do you get a highly qualified team of IT engineers working on your systems, but you benefit from their individual expertise to cover any given eventuality you might come across.

Growing businesses will also benefit from outsourcing their IT. Not only does it free them up to focus on operational recruitment, but it also allows them to tweak their requirement from their IT company as their needs grow and budget changes.

What to Look for in an IT Support Company


First and foremost, you must make sure your IT support company has a high-level and broad range of expertise amongst their ranks.

You might also want to look out for any accreditations and partnerships they might have been awarded, such as Cyber Essentials, or Sophos approved partner, as these will give you a strong indication of their expertise.

Plan flexibility

If you’re a growing business, you don’t want to be locked into a price plan that’s no longer right for your needs. A good IT support company will get to know your business needs at the outset and tailor a plan that suits your business and budget.

An even better IT support company will check in with you regularly to make sure the plan is still relevant to your business.  They will then be able to adjust your monthly plan accordingly.


IT problems often happen without warning and, more often than not, need fixing right away.

You need to be able to rely on your IT support company to provide help desk support so that you can pick up the phone and know your issue will be dealt with promptly.

Jargon-free, personal experience

Let’s face it, the world of IT is full of jargon that most of us don’t fully understand. A good IT support company will resist the urge to talk in their IT vernacular and explain your IT issues in plain English so that you’re fully aware of your situation, challenges and options.

But more than this, an IT support company should hold your hand through the murky world of IT, and help you navigate your way through the options available to you, so that you can reap the benefits to your business.

Firstline IT – Your Trusted IT Support Company

Equity is the perfect example of a trusted IT support company.

We help businesses achieve their goals through the day-to-day support of their IT systems. Whether this is a few hours of basic helpdesk support or the management of your entire IT function and everything in between, we can offer you a solution to fit your needs and budget.

We pride ourselves on getting to know each business we work with, so that, fully understanding their goals and their IT infrastructure, we can tailor a package that can change as the business develops.

If you would like to know more about Equity’s support services, get in touch.

Feel free to drop us a line on 0330 3331 888 or email us directly at enquiries@equitynetworks.co.uk. Alternatively, you can request a callback.