When it comes to operating a business successfully, communications play a crucial role. Internal operations require efficiency and clear collaboration, whilst external communications need to be timely and accurate.

Whilst you may be content with your current communications system, have you ever properly considered what you could be missing out on with a unified cloud system?


Seamless Collaboration


As with many connected cloud solutions, UCaaS provides much better collaboration than legacy comms systems that are not able to integrate as well. Thanks to the tools available with modern communications applications, teams are able to work together more effectively than ever before – communicating across devices, applications, and via a number of channels to suit the task.


Collaboration will affect your business in a number of ways, so it’s important that it remains a priority. 86% of people in leadership roles blame a lack of collaboration for workplace failures, and it has been shown that companies promoting more collaboration and communication have reduced staff turnover rates by up to 50%.



Solutions for collaboration: Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is arguably the most effective tool when it comes to collaborating efficiently between teams. Thanks to enabling advanced call features (with Microsoft Teams Voice), video conferencing, integration across Microsoft apps, instant messaging, task management, file sharing, and a host of other capabilities, it is a very useful tool for staff who need to work together on projects, minimising inefficiencies and wasted time.




This has become a frequent topic at Equity Networks because it’s the way the world of business is moving. Hybrid and flexible working is still growing and is likely to continue on this path as employers seek to make staff happier with more autonomy over where, when, and how they work.


UCaaS solutions allow you to support all staff, regardless of where they work, and on which device they work. With applications across devices that integrate with your business and its existing systems, staff can communicate with their own team, other teams, and customers from their own devices at whichever times suit them best.


Not only can this enhance productivity, but could also lower turnover rates thanks to a happier workforce!



Solutions for flexibility: Microsoft Teams App, Microsoft 365 App

Together these apps enable teams to work flexibly by saving data and communications in the cloud, whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Team members can access latest communications at any time, communicate with others even if they are working from home or on-the-go which can help more than you’d think during busy periods, and share files from any of their devices whilst accessing the latest versions.


Security And Reliability


Keeping your business secure is an absolute priority in 2023 and beyond. It’s now easier than ever to access technology, creating more threats and cyber-criminal activity than ever before.


Your communications are a prime target for cyberattacks as it’s an easy access point to exploit staff who may not be aware of particular threats. Phishing attacks via email, malware and ransomware via email attachments, or social engineering and phone fraud during calls are all common threats to your business’s communications systems.


UCaaS solutions are cloud-based, meaning they can be hosted on secure and redundant servers, minimising the risk of unauthorised access and data loss. Additionally, they can be paired with further cloud applications and measures that help to keep them secure and block these threats, saving your business from potential data loss, financial loss, and wasted time & resources.



Solutions to keep you secure:
  • Microsoft Teams Voice – protects your phone and calling systems with advanced encryption features, and detection and protection against fraudulent calls and call spoofing.
  • Microsoft Defender – protects your emails from advanced threats with anti-phishing software that can block these emails in real-time. It also gives you access to simulated email attack tests that allow you to analyse and improve your email security strategy.
  • Microsoft Authenticator App – helps staff to protect their communications with 2FA (Multi-factor Authentication), so that email and Teams apps can remain secure, even if somebody manages to gain access to a password.


Customer Experience And Service


If you aren’t able to provide your customers with an enjoyable and seamless experience, they become more likely to go elsewhere for support. Whether you sell products to customers, or provide ongoing services to other businesses, being able to communicate with them properly is key.


UCaaS enables you to improve your customer experience by creating seamless, easy channels of support and communication with your clients thanks to a number of features that modern tools provide. These include the ability to maintain up-to-date customer information and requests across teams, being able to reach customers at any time from wherever you or they might be, and creating vastly improved call experiences thanks to call routing, on-hold messaging and auto-attendants, voice-to-email transcription, call tracking, and more.



Solutions to improve your customer communications:
  • Microsoft Teams Phone with PhoneLine+ – gives you access to a wide range of advanced features for your phone system such as call transferring, call diverting, contact directory, call insights and analytics, multi-device management and more.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service – a cloud-based CRM that includes features like case management, customer self-service portals, and knowledge base management to help you provide better customer support.
  • Equity Studio – enables you to have professional on-hold marketing messages and systems setup and recorded, and gives you access to on-hold music to create a painless on-hold system.
  • Microsoft Power Automate – can be used to automate customer communications, such as automatically sending follow-up emails tocustomers after they make a purchase, or for sending reminders about upcoming appointments or renewals.


Creating A Successful Unified Communications System


Developing an effective unified comms system requires the right tools. Microsoft Teams Phone is a leading UCaaS solution that brings incredible collaboration and functionality to your business.


It brings together calling, chat, and meetings all within one app, allowing your teams to work together more easily and maintain communications throughout different mediums. With all of the usual basic call controls, Teams Phone also gives you access to advanced call features such as auto attendants and screen popups, multi-device support, and integration with your contact centre.


If you’d like to learn more about adding Microsoft Teams Phone to help your business increase efficiency, improve performance, and lower costs – get in touch with one of our advisors today!


Integrating Teams With Horizon


If you are currently using Horizon hosted VoIP services with us, we can enable Teams voice with flexible Direct Routing options that allow you to power Teams Phone with your existing VoIP system. All Microsoft Teams voice solutions will require at least a Microsoft Teams Phone Standard license.


Communications play a vital role within all businesses and there’s no doubt that modern UcaaS solutions provide the best results for efficient, effective communicating. When was the last time that you looked at your comms system? If you’d like to explore taking advantage of a UcaaS solution, feel free to speak with one of our advisors for some friendly and digestible advice!