All the businesses we work with tell us they are totally dependent upon their emails. That it’s super-critical their emails never stop because they can lose business.

With the current technology available it’s possible not to have to suffer any interruptions in your emails and to keep the ones you have, for as long as you like.

Form an orderly queue, please

So if everyone’s needs can be met why aren’t people forming a queue at our door? Well, like all things in life it comes down to cost and expectations.

Do we believe that continuous email is a ‘human right’ that we are are entitled to, free at the point of use?

Someone has to pay for the massive technological investment that’s taken place and must continue to take place for these services to meet our expectations.

So continuous email is available to businesses together with unlimited storage but there is a cost: about £6 per month per user.

Is that too higher a price to feed our habit?