Communications are at the heart of every organisation. Without a proper system in place, communicating with customers can become unprofessional and delayed, and effective collaboration between staff breaks down. On the flip side, an optimised communications infrastructure can be a game changer, transforming your current organisation into a harmonised, cost-effective machine.

If you currently utilise a VoIP system [which all businesses will require come 2025], then there are many options you’ve got when it comes to improving your comms infrastructure which help you to extract more value from it than you ever thought possible.


Real Time Reporting & Insights

There’s no doubt that customer service is pivotal in maintaining a strong relationship with your customers and in attracting new ones to your business. Whilst you may have a phone system in place, it can still be difficult keeping track of contacts and making effective decisions that maximise results.

By integrating your call systems with Akixi, your business can gain access to a number of intelligent tools that give you in-depth insight into your call traffic and contacts.

  • View real-time data of call traffic and operators to understand activity and what could be improved
  • Retrieve missed calls and lost opportunities in real-time
  • Keep track of customer interactions, where you received calls and from who, how long calls last, how long customers spend on-hold and more
  • Turn data into effective decisions with reports that give you access to more than 400 statistics that help you to improve business efficiency, customer service, and revenue


Call Marketing Software

Did you know that on average, 20% of call duration is spent on-hold? That 20% is valuable time that willimpact your customer. Are your callers routed through a menu that is easy to navigate? What do they hear whilst they’re waiting to speak to you, or whilst you’re working on their request?

Call marketing software allows you to turn this time into an opportunity to delight and inform your customers, and market your products and services. By accessing a professional tool, you can add marketing messages to your call system, add a number of royalty-free pieces of music to suit your brand, set up an effective menu and navigation system, and even have on-hold prompts and messages recorded professionally.

If you’d like to learn more about on-hold marketing for your business, read more about Equity Studio here.


Automatic Fraud Blocking and Number Protection

Telephone fraud is extremely commonplace and each year, costs UK businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds. A single breach of your IP phone network can cost you thousands of pounds within a matter of hours.

There are several helpful features that you can use to keep your VoIP infrastructure protected, minimising costs and downtime that could be a symptom of fraud and a successful breach.

Automatic fraud blocking detects fraudulent and untrustworthy numbers that might be calling your business and automatically blocks them for you. The initial benefit to this is that it saves your staff significant time as they don’t have to deal with unimportant calls or waste time with manually reporting and blocking numbers. The secondary – and most valuable – benefit that automatic fraud blocking brings is that it minimises the risk of human error in falling victim to a fraudulent call, which could save your business thousands of pounds.

Number protection – like Gamma’s CallGuard solution – secures your existing numbers by deploying a range of security measures that protects your business against hacking and abuse. This again allows your staff to minimise wasted time and helps to prevent the risk of a breach.


Call Queuing

Busy sales and customer service systems easily get backed up with several callers waiting, which is why it’s so important to have an effective call queuing solution in place. By doing so, you are able to present a professional image to your customers, managing calls efficiently and limiting the wait time for everybody.

At Equity, we are able to support your organisation with a professional call queuing setup that brings a handful of helpful features including customised messaging to effectively utilise in-queue time, user breakout that allows customers to exit the queue and leave a voicemail, and simultaneous hunt groups that allow you to deliver calls to anyone who becomes available.

These call queuing features not only create a more robust system to deal with incoming call traffic, but create a better experience for your customers, helping you to improve your brand image and maximise revenue opportunities.


Recording & Playback

With many calls per day being carried out by several staff members, it can be incredibly difficult to manage each situation with maximum effectiveness. Adding a call recording feature to your business communications system helps you to avoid missing out on valuable opportunities by providing you with better organisation, management, and insight.

With business call recording, you can quickly capture, archive, playback and share voice conversations that were held between different departments, between customers, or business partners. This enables communication to become more efficient across your organization, allows you to pick up on any customer opportunities that you may have missed, and gives you the ability to analyse previous engagements to improve overall customer experience.

Important insight like this can transform your communications infrastructure into a powerful tool that’s able to continuously improve to help grow your business and build better relationships with your customers.


Your business’s communications are an invaluable part of your success, growth, and relationships. If you have a VoIP system in place or are considering migrating to VoIP, there are many intelligent add-ons that can transform it from a basic solution into one that uses in-depth data and advanced tools to enhance the efficiency, cost-savings, and service of your entire business.

If you are using a basic VoIP system without these features, we can help you to move over to a more scalable solution that will allow your business to take advantage of the features mentioned above.

If you would like to discuss adding any of these game changing features to your infrastructure, or would like to switch your system so that we can help it to do more for your business, speak to one of our advisors for free today.


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