Cloud computing is being adopted by more and more businesses around the world, and for good reason. It’s able to support a business’s goals and help it to grow more efficiently over time. But what if your business is small or just starting out? Is cloud computing still a worthwhile investment?


Is Cloud Computing Good For Small Businesses Too?


Even for a small business, cloud computing brings an array of benefits that can help to transform the way the business operates and ensure that it reaches its goals more efficiently.


From lowering operating costs to keeping you up to date, moving to the cloud is definitely worth looking into, with an accessible upfront cost and several long-term advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits of cloud computing for small business.


The Benefits of Cloud Computing For Small Business

1. Reduced Costs


Almost one third of small businesses in the UK fail because of a lack of finance. Maintaining profit levels can be one of the most difficult challenges for a new business, which is why keeping costs down is so important.


One of the most attractive benefits of cloud for small businesses is the reduction in costs that it allows, by eliminating the need for expensive hardware, maintenance of the hardware, and onsite IT teams. Small businesses can sign up for the exact applications and software that they need, when they need it, without the added costs of onsite infrastructure.


2. Increased Flexibility and Collaboration


Cloud computing affords businesses a great deal of flexibility and collaboration between departments and staff members. Thanks to the huge range of cloud-based applications available, it makes it easy to add functionality to certain areas of the business exactly when it’s needed.


For small businesses who are likely to undergo a lot of change as they grow, this is an invaluable benefit that will allow them to solve problems quickly, adapt to new demand, and scale much more efficiently than if they’d been using onsite legacy infrastructure.


3. Mobility For Remote Teams


The appeal of remote working for small businesses is something that is unlikely to go away anytime soon. With no need to pay for office spaces or staff commuting, it’s a great way for businesses to reduce their costs whilst still working with their talented teams.


Cloud computing provides easy, yet secure, access to the company’s data wherever they are, from whichever device they have. For a remote worker, this could mean accessing file storage from their laptop at home and communications through their smartphone, helping them to continue working as efficiently as ever before.

4. Reporting and Insights


Many cloud apps come with additional tools that give businesses access to enhanced reporting and insightful data. Whether it’s sales data, call reporting, or lead generation insights, businesses can capture, store, and access this information across the organisation.


These tools are becoming more innovative over time and help businesses to stay at the forefront with all the data they need to make better decisions moving forward.

5. Automatic Updates


Cloud-based tools and apps will continuously update themselves, with little to no disruption of your daily activities. For a small business who might not have the capacity for maintenance staff, this is extremely helpful as it ensures that they won’t have to worry about security issues of outdated technology.


This can also help to reduce costs for businesses as they won’t suffer from security breaches, high maintenance costs, or wasted budget from inefficiencies.



What Are Some of The Best Options For Your Business?


  • Microsoft 365 Business → provides your business with cloud-based tools and apps including email, Microsoft Office, Teams, storage, and much more
  • Windows 365 → turn any of your devices into a cloud device by streaming all your apps, data, and settings from the Microsoft cloud to any device you need
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central → transform your business operations with Microsoft’s all-in-one business management solution, which allows you to turn any of your legacy systems into one comprehensive solution that manages finances, operations, sales and customer service



Cloud computing isn’t just good for small businesses, it’s a game changer. Not only can it help in the current climate, but it can also set a business up to remain at the front of the pack for many years in the future. If you’d like to learn more about how cloud infrastructure can support your small business, speak to one of our advisors for free today.


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