Whether you know already or not, the PSTN switch off is coming in 2025 and it’s going to affect all businesses in the UK. In December of 2025, the copper telephone network is being switched off forever and it means several things for your business: you will have to switch to an internet-based communications system by then; you need to begin planning this major change as soon as possible; but it’s not all effort and bad news, you will see some amazing benefits from the change.


But First, Why Is The PSTN Being Switched Off?

The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is being turned off for good reason; it simply cannot meet the requirements of our modern society any longer. More and more of us are switching to internet-based services which require faster speeds and higher capacities, making landlines increasingly redundant. As the old PSTN becomes harder to maintain, it just makes sense to switch it off and move to an internet-based network that can fulfil today’s needs.


How It’s Going To Affect Your Business

As this change is so broad, it is going to affect every single business, and there’s no sidestepping it.


1. You Will Need To Switch To A Fully Internet-Based System

Once the PSTN is turned off, all of your landline communications and functions will cease to work. Your only alternative is switching to internet-based systems such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and whether you’re excited or hesitant about this change, your business has to do it in order to maintain a communications system beyond 2025.


2. You Need To Start Planning Now

Although the big switch off date is over 3 years away, your business needs to begin planning for it as early as possible. Business communications are built into the foundations of a company and will affect virtually every aspect of your business, from the day-today operations to your long-term strategy to your customer service. On top of landlines being affected, other areas of your business may also require a change as things like broadband, building alarms, CCTV systems, and door entry systems could all be impacted by the switch off.

In order to avoid catastrophic delays and issues, you need to create an effective plan around how and when you will switch your systems. Again, due to the nature of this change, all planning must be ahead of time and incredibly comprehensive.


3. Here’s The Good News – It Means You’ll Benefit From Vastly Improved Comms Systems

Understandably, a change on this scale can be a difficult task for your business, but it certainly doesn’t come without its rewards. By upgrading your communications infrastructure, you’ll benefit from modern systems that have the power to transform your business in ways you might not have considered before.

  • Lower costs – by moving your communications over to the internet, your business will save massively on costs. Monthly costs are paid on an “as needed” basis and there won’t be expenses from complicated installation or maintenance.
  • Scalability – modern cloud systems are extremely adaptive, allowing you to scale your communications infrastructure quickly and effortlessly with the size of your business. It will provide you with the flexibility to add or remove staff to the system when needed, along with adding or removing features without requiring new hardware instalments.
  • Better connected – in today’s modern business world, people are regularly on the move and working remotely, which can make cohesive communications difficult for businesses who have not yet moved to the latest technology. When you upgrade to internet-based cloud infrastructure, everyone within your organisation will benefit from better communication as anyone, from any device, will be able to connect to your business’s systems and data securely.
  • Improved efficiency – internet and cloud-based infrastructure allows every person in your business to access what they need, when they need, and where they need it. You’ll benefit from seamless connectivity between files, data, and communication that allow staff to cooperate more effectively with each other, which can massively improve your business’s overall project efficiency.

As this is such a major change that will impact your business in a number of ways, it might be beneficial to discuss your options and plan together with an expert advisor. You can request a call from our advisors using the button in the top right hand corner of the screen or by using the live chat feature. We can help your business to establish what might be best for you, and help you with upgrading to a secure, tailored cloud system that’s right for your business’s objectives.


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